Blackened – 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

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Tina Brown's 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

After years of dreaming and planning to build a classic car, Tina Brown entered a phase in her life where she could bring her vision to life. Her husband, Scott, had previously built his own Corvette for SEMA, sparking Tina’s interest when she attended the show. She knew she wanted to build her classic car, aiming to surpass Scott’s Corvette, a challenge that fueled her determination.

Tina’s father’s lengthy tenure at GM, and her earliest memories of crawling around in a Corvette as a toddler, cemented her connection to these cars. After an extensive search, Tina and her husband located an old ‘54 body on the East Coast, which they had shipped. Although Tina initially had reservations upon first seeing it, her brother-in-law, Michael Johnson, shared her vision, turning it into her dream car. Despite considering a black and white Corvette, Tina aimed for a vehicle that would be sexier and more attention-grabbing than any other, a goal that exceeded her wildest dreams.

To add a unique touch and make her car stand out, Michael incorporated coves painted in a subtle gray with a sleek black body. Tina specified a dark, rich saddle leather for the interior. As a tech enthusiast, Michael integrated cool electronics into the dash, enhancing the overall appeal.

Every week, Michael sent her transformation videos, leaving Tina awestruck. When her ‘54 was loaded for the SEMA show, the first glimpse took her breath away, and the emotions overwhelmed her. It was perfect, fulfilling everything she had dreamed of in her 55 years. The long journey to Las Vegas proved worthwhile as she rode into the show hall, showcasing her dream build to thousands of people, making her feel like a queen in a royalty car.

Tina expresses gratitude to her sister, Kim Johnson, for sacrificing nights without her husband while he worked under her car for SEMA. She thanks her husband for the motivation and his love of classic cars, ensuring her Corvette surpassed his last build.

Considering her car a true work of art, Tina extends heartfelt thanks to her brother-in-law, Michael Johnson, and his outstanding team at Downtown for the countless hours and sleepless nights spent building this elegant machine. She acknowledges that words can’t fully repay their efforts but hopes everyone who looks at her car appreciates it as much as she does.

Corvettes, both new and old, hold a special place in Tina’s heart, and building this one was a dream come true. The collaborative effort from everyone involved, creating a car that brings tears to her eyes every time she looks at it, is a masterpiece she wishes to share with the world.

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