Linus – 1972 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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Jared Holman's 1972 Chevy C10 Pickup

Jared Holman, like many of us, harbored a dream of one day constructing his custom truck to share with family and friends. While attending a car show, he observed the surging popularity of custom 1967 through 1972 Chevy C/10 pickups, deciding that he, too, wanted one. A particular truck from the show, a custom-built C/10 by Kyle from Laidback Recreations, significantly captured his interest and served as an inspiration for his future project.

The realization of that “someday” arrived sooner than Jared had anticipated. Upon learning about a blue and white ‘72 C10 that had been idling in a garage with an owner who had lost interest, Jared promptly contacted the owner to assess its condition. The seller initially claimed the truck was sold to a friend on the way to pick it up. Despite the initial disappointment, Jared expressed his interest in case the friend didn’t follow through.

After a couple of days passed without communication, Jared proactively reached out to the seller, discovering that the truck was back on the market. With cash in hand, Jared swiftly arranged to pick it up, enlisting the help of his friend Nabe for the 5-hour journey to collect his new C10.

As the truck made its way home, Jared informed Kyle at Laidback Recreations of his acquisition, intending to drop it off for a transformation. Originally equipped with an engine package becoming outdated for performance parts, the time was ripe for an upgrade to the newer LS platforms.

Jared envisioned a clean, straightforward build with the modern-day performance of contemporary sports cars. Kyle installed a robust GM 6.0L power plant to update Jared’s truck, complemented by a Ridetech suspension package to handle the newfound power. For braking capabilities, Kyle opted for a big brake kit from Wilwood to ensure smooth stops.

The interior received a comprehensive overhaul, including the replacement of worn-out stock gauges with a set of Dakota Digital RTX ones. The original seats gave way to custom-made Snowden ones covered in Lake Blue upholstery. To combat the heat on scorching Oklahoma days, Kyle selected a Vintage Air A/C system.

Reflecting on the finished product, Jared believed he had accomplished his goal with a custom C/10 showcasing the envisioned style cues. He expressed gratitude to his wife Kensey for her unwavering support throughout the project, along with Nabe Murdaugh, Kyle, and Ashley Gambrell for their assistance in bringing his journey to completion.

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