New Product – Tru Shift for Holley Sniper 2

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Bowler Transmissions GM 700-R4 & 200-4R Tru Shift for Holley Sniper 2

The GM 700-R4 & 200-4R transmissions are still alive and well in the hot rod community, and if you’re currently running one, or planning on using it with the new Holley Sniper 2, you’re going to need a solid solution for the TV cable. No, this isn’t a kickdown cable and the life of your transmission depends on it. The new Bowler Tru-Shift kit for the Holley Sniper 2 consists of the OE style cable, stainless rear bracket, stainless throttle bracket with options for your throttle rod, OE round hole, OE square hole or Lokar throttle cable. The Tru-Shift TV cable correction kit accurately sets your throttle valve cable based on GM factory geometry and takes out all the guess work in properly setting up your cable length. No more short shifts, low line pressure, or burned up transmissions. The Tru-Shift is available for most popular carburetors and throttle body fuel injection systems.

Part Number 5011016

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