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Pittsburgh World of Wheels 2024

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63rd Annual Summit Racing Pittsburgh World of Wheels

In its 63rd lap around the sun, the Pittsburgh World of Wheels event turned the downtown convention floor into a smorgasbord of horsepower, featuring sports cars, lifted trucks, retro rides, racing machines, and motorcycles rocking every chromed-out shade under the sun.

During the three-day blowout — where 1980s hip-hop maestro and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Flavor Flav threw down on Saturday — thousands of gearheads maneuvered through a sea of restored classics, shiny showpiece cars, and vendors peddling performance-boosting gizmos. Oh, and smack dab in the middle of the action were five generations of Batmobiles, kicking it together for the first time.

“Fun for the whole fam!” exclaimed John Sbrigato, the wizard behind the iconic rides in “Batman Returns,” “Justice League,” and “Batman Forever.” “The moment those doors swung open, folks made a beeline for the Batmobiles.”

Despite freezing temps and roads icier than a villain’s heart, about half the crowd at this year’s gig rolled in just to see the Dark Knight’s wheels. “We had 5-year-old Bat-kids and 70-year-old Bat-dudes, complete with Bat-shirts!” laughed Larry Way, the show’s OG spokesperson.

For the locals, this custom car carnival was a rare chance for niche groups within the gearhead galaxy to unite, share their passion, and maybe even convert a few to the revved-up lifestyle.

From their booth at the bash, members of the Greater Pittsburgh GTO Car Club bragged about luring in a bunch of fresh recruits over the weekend. The 80 rebels of the local club, part of the GTO Association of America, own every flavor of Pontiac GTOs from ‘64 to ‘06, according to Randy Reece, head honcho of the local GTO party. In the muscle car parade, where beasts define a whole American subculture, it was the GTO that took the pole position, Reeves declared with a grin.

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