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The Speedshop in Toledo, OH: Deals, Wheels and More

We’ve all been there. You buy a part for your ride, and it turns out to be the wrong one. You send it back or return it to the store, either for the correct item or a refund. Manufacturers and retailers deal with thousands of these returns annually, and reselling them can be challenging. While the part itself may be perfectly fine, the packaging is often beat up or hard to reseal, especially for skin-packed parts. In some cases, these items might have minor scratches or blemishes in the finish. So, what happens to these parts?

Recently, we visited The Speed Shop in Toledo, Ohio, a business that specializes in selling such parts, along with new parts, new old stock, and used parts. Started by Jim and Dan a few years ago, this enterprise has grown into a comprehensive retail operation with a physical store, a website for online sales, and an eBay store. The expansive 21,000+ sq ft retail space offered numerous outstanding deals, with even more inventory housed in trailers out back. Every item is meticulously cataloged and organized by the vehicle’s area.

The Speed Shop stands out for its uniqueness. It felt like strolling through a swap meet in a retail setting, yet almost everything was neatly boxed or appeared new. They also maintain a used section that encompasses everything from pedal assemblies to seat assemblies and much more.

Whether you’re searching for a place to re-purpose your used parts or hunting for fantastic deals on “new” parts, The Speed Shop should be on your radar. Their website categorizes items, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, a quick call might reveal if they have it in stock.

The Speed Shop
2520 S. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 356-3179


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